Hosting Programs, Events, and Camps (PEC) for Minors at Mason

George Mason University is a unique venue with many resources—making it an ideal site to host programs, events, and camps (PEC) for minors. Far less expensive than other venues, Mason facilitates numerous programs serving an under college-age clientele.

Many campus offices guide, regulate, monitor, schedule, and provide resources to groups seeking to host PECs at Mason. Such offices include Risk Management, Environmental Health and Safety, Human Resources, University Events, Parking Services, Sodexo, and Information Technology Services.

Operations and Business Services is tasked with streamlining the PEC intake process to ensure that these offices are aware of the needs of upcoming PECs and to ensure that PEC hosts are informed of Mason policies and procedures set by these offices.

Is your program, event, or camp Mason- or Non-Mason Affiliated?

Both internal and external groups can host PECs at Mason. Review the chart below, which describes the considerations for each group.

Mason AffiliatedNon-Mason Affiliated
• Booked, managed, staffed, and otherwise supported by a Mason department, student organization, academic unit, or other organization with a Mason index/org code
• May reserve space for free or reduced prices
• Pay less for support services and amenities
• Bound by Commonwealth and university policies and procedures, including: cash handling, use of space, background checks, minors on campus, security and access control, and others
• Includes all events which are scheduled and organized by an External Client, or organized jointly by an Internal Client and External Clients.
• Also includes events which are scheduled by university faculty, employees, students and affiliates and are related to non-university activities or personal use are External Events.
• Pay full price for goods and services
• May not use Mason branding in promotional events
• Must run their own background checks
• Need to provide their own insurance
• Must sign a formal agreement with Mason
• Will manage PEC without uncompensated assistance from the university (unless working with University Events Professional Coordination Services).
• Must assume all risk
• May be canceled if they compete directly with Mason sponsored events that impact Mason recruitment efforts, or tarnish Mason’s reputation

Steps to Organize Your Program, Event, or Camp with Minors

Mason-Affiliated Program

To claim internal status, all PECs are required to abide by Commonwealth and university policies and procedures, including running all funds through a Mason organization code. Policies can be found at

Steps to Organize a Mason-Affiliated Program, Event, or Camp with Minors

1. Request your event (whether in-person or virtual) and reserve any needed event space in 25Live. If you do not have a 25live user account or have questions, email If you will need overnight housing, contact Those seeking assistance with their PEC can contact University Events and ask for their Professional Coordination Services. Note that University Events and Housing can require at least 6 months to secure desired spaces.

2. At least 60 days prior to the event start date, complete the PEC Registration Form to identify the requirements of the PEC and alert units who will approve and/or coordinate assistance for the event (including Human Resources, Fiscal Services, Office of Risk Management, and Parking Services). The PEC Registration Form is only required for PECs working with minors, which are defined as students under 18 who are not Mason students.

The form will collect information about fee payments, and if necessary, begin the process to establish a store in Mason Marketplace, the online payment portal for the university. If establishing a new store, you will need a fund/org/account available for revenue collection. Contact with any questions about Marketplace.

3. Once you submit the PEC Registration Form, submit the Programs, Events, and Camps with Minors Dynamic Form (also called “the coordinator form”) to initiate any background checks. The coordinator form must be submitted at least 10 business days ahead of the PEC start date; more time is necessary if you have a large number of people requiring background checks.

4. Fill out the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) Form and submit to

5. Visit the Office of Risk Management website and compete the additional forms under Internally (Mason) Operated Programs.

Non-Mason Programs

External, non-Jointly Organized events are those with no formal Mason affiliation, which are booked, managed, and/or staffed by non-­Mason personnel.

Steps to Organize a Non-Mason Program, Event, or Camp with Minors

1.The first step in organizing a PEC involves reserving event space. Fill out the External Event Request Form to get the process started.

2. A contract will need to be established in which University Events may assist through their Professional Coordination Services.


Check out our FAQs for Camp Organizers. Or, contact:
Buz Grover
Director of Contracts and Special Projects
Operations and Business Services
George Mason University